What will keep you awake?

In the latter half of college, I began to notice and understand that I had a major health issue.

Due to some pretty intense allergies, I would sleep for 8 hours, and if in an unclean environment woudl feel as if I’d slept for 3.

And then, I would go about my day, like a zombie. Using food and fruit juice intermittently to stay awake, I would go from class to class on the search for something interesting.

Because - that would keep me awake. My meter of how fun or interesting levels would be simply how awake I would stay. The class that kept me the most awake was 15.390, New Enterprises (MIT’s most potent startup class). Though I only read 2 of the case studies fully (they were a bit dull), I was sat with rapt attention, always plugged in.

I find that active experiences - presenting, pitching, conversing, projects, building things, jetskiing, and now, flying keep me alive. Without them, I slowly eek out of existence, becoming a non-entity.

With them, I possess power and mastery. I come alive and am a very real part of reality.

The reason I’m writing about this is because today I had my first flying lesson - a ‘discovery flight’ meant to familiarize you with the basics and engage your appetite. Consider me famished. It was PHENOMENAL. I am literally still there, experiencing the sounds, sights, turbulence, takeoff, and landing.

It’s like my first real ski race. Or playing a rock concert. I feel alive. And present.

I will spend the rest of my days trying to engage life in that way as much as I can. Because therein I believe lies the secret to happiness. Or something like that.

So, if you’re reading this - I ask you - what keeps you awake?


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