We choose our path.

I’m at an interesting place right now.

I’m still very early in my career, and yet, by taking a few risks, I’ve learned a little more than average, and gotten a little further than some in pursuing what I say that I want to pursue.

Generalities aside, I stand now with different opportunities and paths to pursue - different projects asking for my time for the next year.

And it’s gotten me thinking - how much of life is thrown at (or more ideally, pleasantly presented to) us? The best explanation I think lies in the idea of discovery.

I believe that we can’t, to take a line from John Kay’s Obliquity target exactly our goals, but rather we can endeavor to put ourselves in the right environments to discover things that best fit us.

A recent project is a music & design studio in Austin, TX. This tugs at me deeply, because not only do I sense opportunity and uniqueness here, but I also am deeply passionate about audio and consumer products. The thought of somehow blending the two makes me smile. And while I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to achieve such a feat, I do believe it to be a worthy cause.

And so, though I as of yet lack the ability to magic an audio consumer product out of thin air, I do believe in environments and that - by guiding our interactions overall, we enable ourselves to ultimately choose our own path.

Simply, other opportunities will provide different paths. The decision I face now, is whether or not and how to split my time. Though I have been fortunate enough to have wonderful mentors and peers that can act as sounding boards, ultimately, when I move forward into the summer, I believe that one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the direction we choose, in conjunction with our own personal inclinations will ultimately guide the manifestations of what we find.

It is a strange philosophical idea and no doubt not a new one, but it is something that I am beginning to find more and more.


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