The mic is always on.

A friend recently attended an event I held. Before the event started, he happened to be near the mic. He happened to make some comments about my lackluster event organizing. I’ll admit, it was rough, and as a pilot, it could definitely have gone better.

I was recording the entire thing.

My practice with events is to hit the record button half an hour before the start of the show. Period. And the reason I do that is very simple: so that I don’t forget to hit record later.

As a preface to this, I will say that the event ended up going very well and he ended up really enjoying it. In addition, we remain good friends after chatting about this - praise publicly and criticize privately.

This is an important lesson for all of us though, myself included. And so I’ll share it while keeping all anonymous.

In a world where everything is insta-hyper-tweetable and I can download a song on a plane while taking off, the mic is always on. And my friend is a great guy - he has a lot of good things going for him. There’s no reason to have the wrong side of negativity out in public with his name on it.

In a world that has become more and more polarizing, there is never a good reason to give the public cause to say - “Wow, what a d#@&@!bag.” And beyond a cautionary call for avoidance, I’d rather, positively, say that this is merely a request for discretion.

As countless others have learned in the past few years: Michael Phelps, Michael Richards, Don Imus, and the list goes on - with the clear exception of Marilyn Manson, the creators of South Park, and possibly Ann Coulter,

Please remember, the mic is always on.

Please say something worth having repeated many, many times.


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