A 16-hour Day: Re-discovering Indomitable Energy.

My day started at 8:30 am, awaking to a call and ends here at 2:10 am, blogging.

Today, I video-chatted with: Ray on a new opportunity, Imran on design/brands/social ventures, & Claire and Turner on their non-profit pilot and Kickstarter.

I had calls with: my Mom, Mark and Ray about a business opportunity, Omar about a medical review he’s starting, Emily and Luke about branding, Luis about future goals and intentionality in projects, Kim and Nicolas about deciding on next projects, Miles about his startup that mirrored a past potential avenue of mine.

I texted: Ted, Luis, my little sister, and my Mom about the laser, Maran about a raincheck, Ryan about a backup for space, Nolan about a price break for repairs, Jeddy about his new venture, Romi about his TED talk being posted, Kuljot about admissions, and Michael about something he wants feedback on.

I also drove over 400 miles alone from Austin to Arlington TX and back, making calls, getting a chance to listen to Art Garfunkel’s solo rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water and Sal Khan’s amazing 2012 MIT Commencement Address.

I took the new/used laser in for repairs and made the progress of actually getting it tuned up for work on new projects (business cards, new designs). I had a pleasant conversation with both the kind and potently instructional technician as well as the service manager whose son is about to enter the college admissions process.

But WHAT is my point? Other than a catalog of my fairly crazy day?

My point is that today was all done on very little sleep and accompanied by the physical challenge of staying focused while getting pulled in different directions.

And I actually like it this way (minus the sleep deprivation - that is a bit of an unhealthy skew, I’ll admit). The reason that I enjoy this is because I gain indomitable energy from working on a worthy project that requires extremely high levels of communication.

Having finally understood that I actually gain energy from such chaos has allowed me to pick and choose opportunities that put me in situations where I can engage with the world in such a highly visceral way: continuously learning and experiencing what the world has to offer.

I spoke with Emily and Luke about, among other things, what we view, our personal brand as. It was a wonderfully open conversation that was both elegant and insightful. Having spoken a decent amount, I waited until the end to summarize their thoughts and add mine. They had emphasized points of persona that were elucidated by physical traits. Fascinating.

I discovered through our conversation that the two main things I want others to remember, aside from design/tech/consumer products//nice guy, are:

1) Incredible and raw enthusiasm, fueled (rather than hindered) by an understanding of reality.

2) A strong and intentional willingness to hold myself accountable to any commitments that arise out of my excitement.

In a day of many encounters, it’s important, I believe to recall, that indomitable energy can only come from a deep, deep desire to create, and a beautiful understanding that you are creating something worthwhile to yourself and others.

The new project is that.
I’m back.


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